Creating Sustainable Companies Summit

I am looking forward to moderating a panel discussion at the Creating Sustainable Companies Summit in Brussels tomorrow.

Hosted by law firm, Frank Bold and Cass Business School, the summit is designed to examine best practice and policy for sustainable corporate governance.   The organizers have attracted around 150 leading thinkers, businesses and policymakers to "chart the way to the next generation of corporations".

I'll be moderately a panel discussion on ways to strengthen the role of the board:

Boards play a key role in setting and steering corporate strategy. They influence crucial factors like corporate values, corporate culture, and risk appetite, and determine the attentiveness of the corporation to the interests of its stakeholders and its purpose. In order to effectively fulfill their role, boards must consider the corporate mission and long-term value creation strategy, have a good overview of the interests of the corporation’s stakeholders, understand and assess relevant risks, and decide on the objectives of the compliance and due diligence systems.

Helping to discuss a framework for the role and functions of the board in a purpose driven world will be:

  • Peter Montagnon - Institute of Business Ethics
  • Ritta Mynttinen - EcoDa
  • Emma Ihre - Head of Sustainability, Mannheimer Swartling

I'll share my notes from what promises to be an insightful discussion in the coming days.



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