The Decapitalist’s Dictionary

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capital (noun)

Any repository or store of value.

social capital, intellectual capital, human capital, natural capital, manufactured capital, share capital, promissory capital, financial capital, etc.

[plural: capitals]

decapitalise (verb)

  1. To transform capitals with a greater value than money into financial capital.

  2. To give greater value than is received.

decapitalism (noun)

Sub economic and political system of capitalism based on transforming capitals with a greater value than money into money. Characteristics of decapitalism include lessness, financialisation, value/money equivalence, corporate negation or nominalism and shareholder primacy.

[antonym: capitalism]

decapitalist (noun)

  1. A person or entity that practices decapitalism.

  2. A person or entity that decapitalises others.

[antonym: capitalist]

DeC (abbreviation)

DeC = decapitalist

Value (noun)

The p0tential of any type of capital to do work.

[synonyms: energy (science), interest (law), utility (economics)]

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