Better Boards Conference 2016

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I’m excited to announce that I’ll be speaking at the 10th Australasian Better Boards Conference, to be held in Melbourne on July 29-31 2016.

Considered the largest regular gathering of leaders from the for purpose sector in Australasia, the goal of the conference is to give board members, chairs, CEOs and senior managers practical solutions to take back to their organisations.

This year theme is Game-Changing Moves... Governing for Maximum Impact.   Presentations will focus board and leadership discussions on four key areas that support successful outcomes in contemporary game plans: Strategy, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Technology.

My presentation is on DLMA Analysis.

Pronounced “dilemma”, DLMA stands for  directorship, leadership, management and assurance (or governance).  Developed here in Melbourne, DLMA analysis provides a window into the way boards and managers must balance the tensions between all four management disciplines to assure success.  The interactive presentation is designed to help attendees understand their role as value creators and protectors as well as helping them to produce their own DLMA profile.  Download more here as published in Governance.  

Thanks to the organisers for allowing me the opportunity to share my insights.

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